Small cabins on the lake.

Cabin #6. Rental cabin on the edge of the lake.

Cabin #6. Rental cabin on the edge of the lake.

In the 2013 we had introduced concept of small cabins (cabanas), which became very popular among the tourists who want to enjoy magnificent nature in the comfortable cabin with the very reasonable budget.

The cabins are really nice, have a new mattresses and the each cabin located on the very prime waterfront.

To avoid disappointment it is wiser to think about the cabin as a comfortable alternative to a tent, rather than the full alternative to the cottage. The showers and toilets are located in just hundred feet from the cabins.

Cabins allocation.

All cabins are located on the Northern part of big peninsula, close to the café and game room. This part of peninsula with small cabins is known as “EcoVillage” and this is a real gem of our vacational property.

Northern part of peninsula.Cabin resort.

Northern part of peninsula.Cabin resort knows as “EcoVillage”

For the summer 2014 we expect to keep campsites 1 to 5 empty for the tents and for the trailers. The cabins installed on the sites 6 to 12.

That you would love in our small cabins:

Simple interior of our cabin (cabana)

Simple interior of our cabin (cabana)

  • Good price
  • Best location on the lake
  • Well treed terrain provide a nice shadows
  • Really good price
  • The sounds of the lake – best pill for the good sleep
  • Small fridge and receptacle to charge your devices
  • Private picnic spot on the water edge
  • Private picnic table
  • Oh, I can not believe that I can have a comfortable weekend on the big lake at such a low price


That should you take in consideration before you pay deposit:

The natural wilderness of the lake banks.

The natural wilderness of the lake banks.

  • The cabins are 99 sq.feet small.
  • There is no air conditioner. It can be hot during the summer heat, like in the ordinary tent
  • There is no toilet and water inside – your should walk hundred feet or so
  • Some cabins have a high threshold for entering
  • The power in the cabins is limited to the lighting options and for the device recharging. No heaters, electric kettles, power devices are allowed.
  • The cabins are pretty close to the each other. The crazy loud music does not allowed at any time time (except it you rent all peninsula).
  • During the some weather conditions ( drought warning, strong wind) the outside fire is prohibited, even in a fire pit or charcoal BBQ.
  • The cabins located on the amazing piece of wild peninsula –  the hight bank with nature maid stones and bushes. That landscape can be unsuitable for the children.

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