Cabin #10. The lucky renters.

Cabin #10. Here the history starts.

We introduced small cabins just last Summer, and not each of them has it’s own story. But the cabin #10 is our lucky one – it was rented the first among the other cabins, just in a couple days we finished (almost) construction. It must be mentioned – the first renter have not been completely happy about his stay – the lack of mosquito net and small construction defects leave some space for the improvement.

After improvement has been done, this cabin is most rented one and everyone was happy about vacation in that small cabin. In all other means, this rental cabin just like any other of our  small cabins, with nice Northern exposure and music of waves in the night.


View to the cabins #9 to #11 from the center of lake.

Cabin specification:


Exposure: South

Area: 96 sq.feet

Beds: one Queen bed

Extra bed: folding bed on demand

Picnic table: yes

Outside fire place: no

Insulated: 12R

Receptacle: limited power

Fridge: small bar fridge

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