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Easy  booking

Most of our guests have evaluated the level of”easy of booking” at our resort with 4+ of 5.

We are working hard to improve your experience and for the 2014 season we implemented an automated reservation system, added additional phone numbers and updated our website to provide you with options that are tailored for you.

You can place your booking on our automated system, by email, by phone (limited options) or by text messaging.

Booking with our automated reservation system

The fastest and the most reliable way to secure your reservation is to place your order through our automated booking system. We use a cloud service from Currently we are happy with the options provided by this system but we welcome any recommendations on system improvement.

The system is still working in the testing mode so we re-check every order and send our clients personal confirmation emails. We encourage clients to use the automated system, and in the May 2015 we will send a $15 gift certificate for the resort services to any visitor who books through the automated system.

Booking by phone

You can call us at:

1(613)717-3317 (Ottawa region)


1(888)856-2781 (toll-free number)

to secure your stay at our resort.

There have been some complaints on the quality of communication on the toll-free line 1(888)856-2781. We are doing our best to find a better provider but for now please be patient if you use this toll-free line.

Please understand that we are often out of the office and cannot always verify the information on the availability of cottages. So please use our automated system for that type of request. We are happy to answer all of your questions but during the summer reservations (starting mid-April) it is safer to book the cottage first. We had a few cases where the cottage we promised as “available” was booked before the new deposit had been paid. We serve cottages on the “first pay, first served basis” and the automated system is the only way to ensure your vacations are secured.

In any scenario, after phoning, we require your email address to send the invoice for deposit.

IP phone

You can contact us on Skype: Alexander.Goldenville

Text messaging

You can text us at 1(613)717-3318 with wireless operators or FaceTime.


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