Ottawa Valley.

In the heart of Ontario.

Spend your vacations in Ottawa Valley, nestled alongside the great Ottawa River, it is a place where explorers, campers, hikers and nature-lovers alike can satisfy their taste for adventure. Ottawa Valley, also known as the Whitewater Capital of Canada, is home to a number of attractions that will surely make people come back for more all year round.

Ottawa Valley is well known as the famous vacation destination. With a total land area of 6 million acres, Ottawa Valley never runs short of providing breathtaking views and exciting activities to its visitors. Here are some of our favorites:

Ottawa Valley Highlights and Features

1. Whitewater rafting should be first on anyone’s itinerary. Ottawa Valley is famous for its clean yet exciting rivers- the perfect setting for a kayaking vacations or rafting adventure.

2. Fishing is another great activity to try during your vacations. Ottawa Valley is home to bass, walleye, muskellunge and other types of fish.

3. Aside from the usual nature-based activities, Ottawa Valley is also an excellent place for a nice round of golf. Golf venues like the Pakenham Gold Club attract golf players from newbies to professionals.

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