Summer in Eastern Ontario.

Summer in Ottawa Valley.

May. Almost Summer.

Eastern Ontario provides great opportunities for the active and enjoyable summer vacations. The season starts in the May, and then weather is warm and nice for the boating, golfing and hiking.

The fishing season officially starts from the Victoria day and lasts for the all summer.

Swimming is pretty extreme in the water of Golden Lake, but if you try our wood stove sauna on the lake, you can enjoy that cool experience.

June. Then summer starts.

June usually brings a warming and opens this summer on the Canada Day long weekend. July is a month demanded a lot of fun bringing lovers of active leisure, as well as lovers gather mushrooms, berries and herbs.

In June we make a fresh leave branches (veniki) for the sauna hot leave treatment. The sauna with a fresh herbs – is a one of the most amazing new experience of season 2014 what your should try.

July. The heat is goes.

July can be really hot and full of joy on the water, including swimming, boating and kayaking. All range of summer activities is available for you.

We would drawn your attention to our restaurant during the July. The fresh vegetables and herbs from the local farms and gardens can bring back your memories to  the best of times, when the fresh foods had the taste and smell.


The August in Ottawa Valley is not as hot and humid as August in Southern Ontario, but it is still hot and can surprise us with some extra humidity.

In terms of vacation on our resort – the August it the mix of the best summer opportunities, including the water activities, fresh foods just picked from the Garden and long trips in the shadow of Algonquin park.

August pleases lovers of nature changing colors and observations of the night sky during many amazing meteor showers. All the summer months are good at our resort for golfers, who can choose a county golf club according to their tastes and preferences.

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