Star gazing.

Star gazing.

The stars in the sky of our resort – it is something, that must be seen. Probably another resorts around the Golden Lake have the same good view, but we would be pleased, if you find opportunity to share our point of view on the night sky. The August sky present the magnificent show of Perseids – the fantasmagorie of meteorites that sparks in the earth atmosphere. In 2010 the peack of meteor activity has fallen at August 14th.

Our resort is located in an area that is well known for its excellent star gazing conditions. Low level of light pollution and favorable sky conditions make our area popular among both professional astronomers and hobby star watchers. This is evidenced by the numerous observatories that are located in the our area ( .

Best star gazing conditions.

You can check the sky conditions forecast at This provision is made for the Bonnechere Park, which is located near our cottage resort.
The star studded sky is utterly spectacular in our area. You can feel united with the universe and the limitless reaches of our galaxy. These kinds of views simply can’t be seen close to larger sites and this heart stopping experience is reason enough to make a trip to our resort.

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