Traditional European game.

We are proud to announce, from the summer 2012, the construction of Gorodki court that has been completed at our resort. At this moment, we have the best Gorodki available in all of Canada, since there is only one International Grade Gorodki court in all of Ontario, we are proud to invite you to this wonderful game.

Gorodki – take a chance and get a new experience in the popular Eastern Europe game. This game, slightly similar to bowling, but does not require sophisticated equipment and can be played in the back yard of your house.
Gorodki is the old Slavic sport game. This game was very popular among the urban population of the Eastern Europe. There are some variants of this game, including the Classical (Russian) Gorodki and the Finnish Gorodki.

This game requires a marked playground, basic equipment, good eye and a bit of confidence. Simplified variant of this game can be played in your backyard.

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