A lot of space to relax.

We are family friendly resort and we wish to provide the best opportunities to relax for the all members of your family. We are sure that childrens of any age, up to hundred will find their favorite activities on the Goldenville resort.

The cottages itself and cottage backyards –  are big enough to keep all alcohol you bring in that premises. If you rent any other enclosed facilities, like the private beach or sauna – these are you private rental and nobody should mind if you acting according to your ideas about the good vacations. The cabin rentals also provide enough space for your private parties.

Although, we would ask you to consider the public areas of our resort as the any Ontario’s public areas. Please, avoid the alcoholic beverages and impaired behavior in public areas of the resort just as in the any other place of Ontario.

LLBO licence.

We hope to obtain LLBO licence to the start of the summer. We are planning to supply our guests with a some good refreshment or grant the opportunity to bring your drinks for the dinner as long as you are sure these drinks are not excessive.

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