2 000 feet of prime waterfront on the big lake.

View to Goldenville peninsula from the  lake.

View to Goldenville peninsula from the lake.

About 70 acres of recreational property literally surrounded by the Golden Lake. The biggest and the best piece of waterfront lays around Goldenville peninsula, that allocate cottages, cabins, cafe and sauna.

Most pieces of waterfront is suitable for the swimming and some beaches are really good for the children. The far part of our property is crossed by the 1000 feet of waterfront, that is grassy and shallow. So that part is not good for the swimming, but the biggest pikes of Golden lake have started it’s carrier, as the photo models, from this part of the lake.

Almost each cottage has it’s private waterfront.

Picnic spot on the backyard of cottage #4.

Picnic spot on the backyard of cottage #4.

In addition to the public beaches, guest of our cottages (expect cottage#7)   are enjoy the private waterfront. Each waterfront is big enough to accommodate private picnic spot and make your evening quiet and relaxing. Private lake spots in the front of the cottages are clear enough for the swimming, but we would recommend swimming at the public beaches (not guarded). Private beaches for the cottages 1 to 4 are good for the fishing, and the lakesport in the front of cottages of 5 and 6 have a best sunset view.


Each cabin has it’s own private waterfront.

Cabin #7 with it's private waterfront.

Cabin #7 with it’s private waterfront.

All cabins are located literally on the edge of the water, and all of them have it’s own piece of waterfront. The biggest pieces of waterfront – the Western point – is allocated in front of cabins #7 and #8. Our guest have a option to rent whole Western point with the rental of the both cabins #7 and #8 (the charges for extra guests/tents are still applied).



Water activities

Boat rental for our guests.

Boat rental for our guests.

Golden Lake is the big and clear lake that is good for the many activities, including swimming, boating and fishing. Although, the complex relief of the lake bottom makes it inappropriate for the speedy boating, water ski and other extreme water adventures. At the entrance to the resort we have a  steady slope with a private boat launch. We have small boat, canoe and kayak for our guests.

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