Dinner specials.

Specials from our restaurant.

With our international experience and with the passion to the good cuisine – we would invite you for the gourmet adventure and try some or our specials. The only our favorite meals are on the list. Only meals which have received the highest evaluation from the our guests during the Fall 2013 will be served in new season.

We can not guarantee all meals are available on some particular day – it depend on the season and on the number of pre-ordered meals. To make sure, you have exactly that you want – please, place you order in advance.


Specials from Anna:

Anna has a good experience in the Mediterranean cuisine. Her meals with mild exquisite taste would highlight rich aroma of sunny Italian wines. We hope to obtain LBO licence to Summer 2014. Anna’s favorite additions are hot salsa, pesto and basil.

  • Salmon pasta.
  • Baked  with salsa & cheese chicken breasts.
  • “Plov” – is very special stew  with rice, pieces of mixed meat, with many spices and vegetables. It has a incredible taste and unbelievable aroma, which covers all Ottawa valley then Anna makes a “Plov”.
  • Pirogies – classical pirogies with some mix of meats, boiled in the water in the proper set of species. Can be served as soup or as a main meal. We buy pierogies from the best producer in Ottawa, but on the big advanced order we can make the homemade meal.
  • Borch – the beetroot soup with very deep test and aroma. Can be cooked on the meat, chicken or just vegetable base. This soup is celebrity among the Eastern European meals.

The specials from Alex.

Alex loves Eastern European and Georgian cuisine, which include a lot of meat, contrasting food combinations and many fresh species. A touch of garlic and fried onion are secret Alex’s ingredients, to enrich test of his meals.  Alex’s meals would require French wines with saturated taste or classic Georgian wines.

The Alex’s signature – are sauces, made with a sour cream, garlic, really hot reddish and mustard. They are enriched taste of any meal, and especially good for the meat, pirogies and the borsh.

Satsivi –  pieces of chicken in a spicy sauce of walnuts

Badge – the fish fied in the spicy sauce of walnuts

Herring salad – salade in layers of herring, beets, apples, onions and eggs.

Olivie salad a’la Alex – delicious mix of vegetables and meat served in the mayonnaise. The Alex only knows correct proportion of that 12 ingredients, to create such a delicate memorable taste.

Stuffed squash – big rings of squash stuffed with minced mead and rice.

Shashlik – the marinated pieces of pork or lamb, grilled on the open fire (over charcoal). The meal every meat lovers should try. The test is very saturated, the meat is incredibly juicy.

Russian style entries.

Sauerkraut – home made and served with a little bit of sunflower oil and ….touch of sugar. It is really different from the fast food editions.

Light pickles (Malosolnie ogurcy) – the cucumbers are prepared in the salted water saturated by species just for the 48 hours.

Marinated garlic – tender and hot cloves of garlic marinated for a while.

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