The grill menu.

Lakeside restaurant. The grill menu.

The pork tenderloin – juicy and delicious pieces of pork

The New York steak –  the classical steak in a classical species

Lamb shoulder – the pieces of lumber that melted in your mouth as long as you eat it hot

Chicken things – pre-marinated pieces of chicken  well fried outside and tender inside.

Meat kebab – the home made sausages from the minced meat mixed with onion and spices.

Salmon steak – the good piece of salmon well grilled and just slightly touched with a lemon juice and mildew species.

Whole trout – the whole fresh trout grilled on BBQ

About our grill menu.

The grill can be charcoal or BBQ grilled. We need a advanced order to guarantee your best experience. We do our best to provide meals of your dream on the “last minute” order, but the quality can be downgraded to the “this meat was frozen before” level.



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