Hot leaf treatment.

Hot leaf treatment.

Hot leaf treatment – is one of the most pleasant, healthful and amazing experiences that you may gain in your lifetime.
Technically, it can be described as a complex manipulation with leafy branches (Veniki), hot air, steam and ice.
From an historic perspective, it is a mix of bathing cultures (Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam, Native sweat loges) and of traditional healing practices that has developed throughout the centuries.
Our guests simply describe it as the heavenly ritual on the edge of art and magic.
The results of that magic are- deep and comfortable heating of the body, the gentle skin cleansing, stress relief and pain relief.

The job of sauna-master is really hard, so we can provide just a limited time of hot leaves treatments, especially during the hight season. But we encourage you , to try this experience by yourself – we would provide all necessary explanations and the books for free.

Basic techniques of hot leave treatment.

The basic techniques do not include any contact of hot leves with your body, and just support gentle waving of leave branches over your back. It creates a waves of the hot air that provide a warming effect to all parts of your body. During the treatment, the sauna master put a aroma mix on the hot stones of the sauna, to play with a air temperature and humidity.

The advanced techniques.

All the advanced techniques include the combination of the basic methods with additional techniques, like different ways of tapping, a more complex combination of relaxation touches (like stroking) and an intensive tapping (like whipping).  Additional effects can be reached by pouring a special mix of aromas onto the hot stones, the application of ice to the body, a combination of different types of leaves and branches, four hand tapping, e.t.c.

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