Sauna services

Sauna services.

Hot leaves treatment.

Hot leaves sauna treatment.

Hot leaves sauna treatment proceed by Alex.

Hot leaf treatment- is one of the most pleasant, healthful and amazing experiences that you may gain in your lifetime.
Technically, it can be described as a complex manipulation with leafy branches (Veniki), hot air, steam and ice.

From an historic perspective, the hot leaves treatment is a mix of bathing cultures (Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam, Native sweat loges) and of traditional healing practices that has developed throughout the centuries.

Private swimming and sunbathing.

For the guests who likes a private swimming – the sauna rental during the morning houses can be a good solution to have a private well fenced beach with a good swimming (but a little bit stony entrance) and private sunbathing zone with a showers.

Food service.

If you wish to have a light dinner right on the sauna premises, we can serve meals right inside.

Massage therapy from the third parties.

If you wish, you can book an appointment with a local massage therapist. Just ask us for the contacts of the local therapists and make a advanced appointment.

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