Sauna rental packages

Self-serve Sauna Rental

For three hours, the sauna is at your disposal. We provide only firewood and the facility. It will be your responsibility to start fire to warm up sauna, and the cleaning afterwards .

Serviced Sauna rental

We prepare and warm up the sauna. You get 2 hours of sauna and we do the cleaning

Introduction to the sauna ceremony

We prepare the sauna and make a short overview of the bathing traditions of central Russia. During the demonstration, we explain and demonstrate how to use the equipment, tools and techniques that make the Russian sauna so healthy and enjoyable. The package also includes an aromatherapy session; a story about the art of the hot leaves treatment with a trial demonstration on a volunteer from your group. The introduction takes about 30 minutes. After our demonstration, you have the opportunity to test the skills learned with your partners or on yourself. The hot leaves are included into the price. The total time is 3 hours.

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